Garth Brooks new song, “We Belong Together,” was released on social media by Good Morning America host Robin Roberts.  After Garth appeared on Good Morning America, he sent the song to Robin with the option for her to “decide what you want to do with it.” Robin then shared the song with the world via her social channels.

“Me and Robin go way, way back,” says Garth. “She always asks about the music. Somebody’s got to hear it first, so I just asked her, ‘Would you like to be the first one to hear the new thing?’ And she was kinda caught off-guard. So, I sent it to her Sunday . . . all day Sunday, all day Monday she was texting back and forth with me . . . and I guess today she decided she was gonna share it with the world. It was totally up to her.”

Listen to “We Belong Together at the link- here.

Garth Brooks Sings ‘We Belong to Each Other’ in Unifying Song


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